About Us

Friends For Benefits

Our Mission

Friends for Benefits' mission is to promote contributing and donating activities for selected charitable organizations by arranging for, promoting, and managing fund raising events. We are a 501(c)3.

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Our board of Members

Friends For Benefits

Michael Criscione

Founder and Executive Director

Attended The University of California Berkeley and started a local indie rock band, Pied Paupers. Through these experiences he became well acquainted with not only the Bay Area indie rock scene, but also the non-profit sector and community organizing.

From 2006 to 2010 he served as benefit organizer Banderas de Esperanza, a charitable organization that served impoverished children living in Banderas Bay, Mexico. After Banderas de Esperanza disbanded, Michael decided to lend his skill set to other charitable organizations with the formation of Friends for Benefits.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Friends for Benefits

Adam Burnett

Board Member

Adam has been active in the SF Bay Area music scene for over 15 years, from humble beginnings, audio scoring, and composing to producing, recording and performing with Dangermaker at notable events like SXSW, CMJ, Live 105’s BFD, and Bottlerock.

Over the years Adam has become involved with Friends for Benefits by donating proceeds from performances, design work, and helping produce materials for

EMAIL: [email protected]

Friends for Benefits

James Criscione

Director of Operations

Also referred to as Jim--served as a former director of regional customer care for a fortune 500 company. Jim brings years of experience with organizing and directing very diverse groups to serve a common cause. He is exceptional in problem solving and creating a team environment.

Since joining Friends for Benefits, Jim serves as liaison with the venues to set up and follow through on requirements for venues where the events are held.

EMAIL: [email protected]